The Film Photo Award offers two award cycles per year, each providing three distinct grants of Kodak Professional Film and complimentary film processing by Griffin Editions to photographers who demonstrate a serious commitment to the field and are motivated to continue the development of still, film-based photography in the 21st century.

The Film Photo Award is open to all emerging, established, and student photographers worldwide, 18 years old or older.

During each spring and fall award cycle, 3 film grants will be awarded: New Project Award, Continuing Project Award, and Student Project Award.


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Why Film? 

Film photography is a unique artistic medium in and of itself, deserving of support and celebration.

Film photography continues to express its undeniable importance, purpose, and resilience in the image-making world despite newer, omnipresent technologies.

Film photographers embrace the unexpected and the unknown, and their work often yields surprising and enriching results. In film photography there exists a beauty that has nothing to do with nostalgia and everything to do with process, materiality, and personal growth.

Film photographers make great sacrifice to acquire the material for their artistic expression, and this access is something we at the Film Photo Award strive to democratize.

With six awards per year of Kodak Professional Film to emerging, established, and student photographers alike, we seek to provide talented and dedicated photographers with access to all that film photography has to offer, and to help facilitate new and ongoing film projects.


Spring 2019 Juror:
Aline Smithson

We are especially excited to announce that Aline Smithson will help to initiate the ongoing cycle of awards by being our first juror for the inaugural Spring 2019 Film Photo Award!

Photo by Eliot Dudik

Photo by Eliot Dudik

You may know Aline for her innovative and prolific explorations of contemporary photographic portraiture. You might also know Aline as the Editor-and-Chief of the daily web journal, Lenscratch, that showcases contemporary photographers of all varieties, and which she founded over a decade ago in 2007.

You may have also met her as a portfolio reviewer at one of the countless professional photographic reviews she has supported. Perhaps you have even studied under her at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, or during one of her many international workshops.

Regardless of how you know her, Aline is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars and dedicated supporters of photographers in the 21st century, and an exceptionally talented, hardworking, and accomplished film photographer!


Award Details

During each spring and fall award cycle, three Film Photo Awards will be granted: New Project Award, Continuing Project Award, & Student Project Award. Learn more about each award below.


Each Film Photo Award includes:

  1. Kodak Professional Film in the quantities listed below

  2. Film processing for awarded film with Griffin Editions

  3. Feature + Interview published on the Film Photo Award website and social media

*the Student Project Award includes a 4x5 view camera by Standard Cameras

In addition to the three film awards each cycle, three applicants will be selected in each award category for honorable mention and receive acknowledgment on Film Photo Award’s website and social media.

Award recipients may also be invited to participate in future exhibitions showcasing photographs produced with the Film Photo Award.


When completing the online application, applicants will be asked to indicate their preference of film format (35mm, 120, or 4x5) from one of the six available emulsion types.

Available Kodak Professional Film Emulsions:

  • Portra 160

  • Portra 400

  • Ektar 100

  • Tri-X 400 / 320

  • T-MAX 100

  • T-MAX 400


New Project Award

The New Project Award is designed to help photographers begin a new film photography project using Kodak Professional Film. Open to all emerging or established photographers worldwide, 18 years old or older.

Applicants to the New Project Award can choose to receive one of the following format options:

  • 200 rolls of 35mm

  • 200 rolls of 120

  • 300 sheets of 4x5 film

Continuing Project Award

The Continuing Project Award is designed to help photographers continue an existing film photography project using Kodak Professional Film. Open to all emerging and established photographers worldwide, 18 years old or older.

Applicants to the Continuing Project Award can choose to receive one of the following options:

  • 200 rolls of 35mm

  • 200 rolls of 120

  • 300 sheets of 4x5 film

Student Project Award

The Student Project Award is designed to help student photographers begin or continue a film photography project using Kodak Professional Film. Open to students worldwide, 18 years old or older.

You must be currently enrolled at an institution of higher education at the time of submission. You do not need to be studying photography specifically to be considered. A scanned image of your student ID is required to verify current enrollment status.

Applicants to the Student Project Award can choose to receive one of the following options:

  • 100 rolls of 35mm

  • 100 rolls of 120

  • 150 sheets of 4x5 film

The winner of the Student Project Award will also receive a 4x5 view camera from Standard Cameras

Standard Cameras – *lens not included

Standard Cameras – *lens not included


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Important Dates 

Spring 2019
Award Cycle Opens:

February 1, 2019

Spring 2019
Proposal Deadline:

March 31, 2019
11:59pm EST

Awards Announced:
April 19, 2019

Awarded Film Shipped:
By June 2019



  • The Film Photo Award is open to all emerging, established, and student photographers worldwide, 18 years of age or older.

  • All applications to the Film Photo Award must be completed through the online submission portal. Submissions by any other means will not be accepted or reviewed. All application materials must be written in English.

  • Applications are accepted at any time between the opening and closing of the award cycle. It is recommended to apply well in advance of the deadline to avoid any technical problems.

  • Recipients are selected by a review panel comprised of an outside jurors and Film Photo Award staff. To kick things off, the inaugural award cycle will be juried by Aline Smithson and Film Photo Award staff.

  • Applicants will be considered on the basis of artistic excellence and the promise of future achievement.

  • Past recipients are ineligible to receive the Film Photo Award again for three years.

  • Recipients receive complimentary film processing from Griffin Editions in New York City for FPA film and during their 1-year award period only. Other Griffin Editions services such as scanning, printing, mounting, and framing, as well as shipping to and from the lab are not included in the award. Recipients are welcome to process their awarded film at any lab of their choosing, however Griffin Editions is the best and it’s free.

  • Recipients of the Film Photo Award agree to commence or continue the work proposed in their submission during the year following receipt.

  • Recipients will participate in an interview to be published on the Film Photo Award website approximately 8 months after receiving the award including a feature of select photographic work made with the awarded film.



The online submission form will require the materials listed below. Use this as a checklist to make sure you have everything you need. Specific material requirements are explained below, please read carefully so that your work can be properly considered. Thanks!

1. Project Proposal

2. CV, Resume, or Bio

3. Images x 10

4. Inventory List

5. Submission Fee

1. Project Proposal (PDF)

The Project Proposal should be a clear and concise explanation of either a current on-going film-based project, or a new film-based project you are planning to begin this year, depending upon which award you are applying for. Students can propose either a new or on-going project.


The proposal should:

  • Not exceed more than 1 page.

  • Provide an overview of the project idea.

  • Include any relevant background research the applicant has conducted.

  • Provide a thoughtful plan for completing the proposed project or portion of the project with awarded film (to be completed within the award year).

  • Explain the significance of the project within our contemporary existence. Why should this work be made now?

Filename: LastName_FirstName_Proposal.pdf

Example: Doe_Jane_Proposal.pdf

2. CV, Resume, or Bio (PDF)

  • Not to exceed 2 pages.

  • You are welcome to provide either a standard CV/Resume in list format or a narrative biography.

  • Clear and concise is most important.

Filename: LastName_FirstName_CV.pdf

Example: Doe_Jane_CV.pdf

3. Images (JPEG)

Applicants must submit 10 images that are representative of either recent past projects (within the last 5 years) or a current project you are continuing.


Images file specifications:

  • 10 JPEG files sized at 1500 pixels on the longest dimension and saved at 72 ppi.

  • Past work examples can be any variety of visual imagery. Image examples do not have to be film-based images to be considered, however your proposal should explain why Kodak Professional Film is the right material for you now.

Filenames: LastName_FirstName_Number.jpg

Example: Doe_Jane_01.jpg, Doe_Jane_02.jpg, Doe_Jane_03.jpg, etc.

This file name numbering system is important as it will be used on your Inventory List and for viewing your submission in it’s proper sequence.

4. Inventory List (PDF)

Applicants must submit an inventory list containing relevant image information. The inventory list must correspond to the sequential numbering of your uploaded images.


For each image submitted, please list the following:

  • Image Filename

  • Title of Work

  • Date Created

  • Medium (film-based, digital, mixed media, historic process, etc.)

  • Any other details about the piece you would like to provide.

Filename: LastName_FirstName_Inventory.pdf

Example: Doe_Jane_Inventory.pdf

5. Submissions Fee

A small submission fee is required to complete an application. Applicants must complete the submission fee when prompted by the online form. The form will not accept your application without payment and no uploaded materials will be reviewed unless your application is officially submitted through the online form. If you are a student, please have a jpeg image file of your student ID ready to upload for proof of enrollment.

  • Non-Students: $35

  • Students: $25

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For any questions, please first review the FAQ.

If an answer is not found, email us at or by using the online form.