Trent Davis Bailey: Son Pictures

Trent Davis Bailey is a Denver, Colorado, USA based photographer. His proposed New Project is intensely personal, as he plans to explore his enigmatic understanding of his late mother, who was an artist and a gardener, and the unfortunate circumstances and media frenzy surrounding the day she died in a commercial airplane crash exactly 30 years ago.

He plans to incorporate a variety of photographic approaches, strategies, and processes that will broaden his ongoing exploration of memory, family, archive, portraiture, and American landscape. Through a slowly considered body of work, made with a combination of large format film and repurposed and re-imagined archival materials, Trent expects this project to visualize his mother’s life and tragic demise, his limited relationship with her, his position as an ancillary survivor of the crash, and ultimately how his family has coped.

This project is intended to serve as an important case study and a necessary ploy for self-healing.